Project History


  1. Property was a vested Rural PUD plat, formally known as “Applewood” prior to the enactment of the Growth Management Act in the 1990s.

  2. Now known as Arborwood, this site was formally included in the Kingston UGA with the adoption of the 2006 Comprehensive Plan and Kingston Sub-Area Plan.

  3. Upon inclusion into the Kington UGA, the 360-acre site was and currently is zoned Urban Cluster Residential (5-9 dwelling units/acre). This zone also allows for a mix of residential and commercial uses.

  4. In 2008, a preliminary plat application was submitted for the entire 360-acre site.

  5. In 2010, Kitsap County and OPG finalized a Developer’s Agreement which vested the site to certain development standards and mitigation requirements for 15 years.

  6. The preliminary plat was approved in October 28, 2009.

  7. The Minor Amendment to the preliminary plat approval (approved December 30, 2019) only revised the lot layout in the southernmost part of the preliminary plat, while reducing impacts to wetland buffers.

Kingston’s History with the Growth Management Act (GMA)

•After GMA passed, Kitsap County passed several new growth plans (called Comprehensive Plans) that were appealed in court

•The court’s found that the initial plans still allowed too much sprawl

•Kitsap’s first compliant plan was adopted in 1998, but the county did not yet run a planning process for Kingston.  At that time Arborwood was a “vested” (or grandfathered) project that did NOT meet GMA standards

•Arborwood was first adopted into the Kingston UGA in 2007

•OPG changed Arborwood to comply with GMA and gained project approval in 2010

•In 2012 the County lost a court case and a portion of Arborwood was removed from the Urban Growth Area (UGA), but is still vested

•The history of Kitsap County’s Comprehensive Plans (since 1998) can be viewed here (

4-13-16 Arborwood Outreach Mtg PP Presen
4-13-16 Arborwood Outreach Mtg PP Presen
4-13-16 Arborwood Outreach Mtg PP Presen



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